Who is it for?

BrandEQ Black diversity services that includes racial and diversity research, auditing, and training is built for a wide variety of different sized companies. From small start-up businesses to large corporations and well-known companies, BrandEQ Black diversity services are built to accommodate and educate multiple streams of businesses and employee structures. It is for any business that wants to take on the crucial step of making their workspace more inclusive, respectful and productive. Any type of business, big or small, can make room for racial and diversity research, auditing, and training in the workplace.

What is it?

BrandEQ Black diversity services include racial and diversity research, auditing, and training. What that means is that experts at BrandEQ will delve deeper into how your business works;  analyzing staff, leadership team, corporate boards, and collecting stats, such as what percentage is BIPOC, how many are women represented and more. From there, we will be able to help companies reform their policies to become more diverse and inclusive and create a more welcoming environment for potential applicants. We provide Speaking, Workshops, Racial Sensitivity Training, Sustainable Inclusion Policies and KPI’s, Grant Writing and Diversity and Inclusion Auditing.

Why is it important?

There are endless reasons as to why companies should implement diversity services into their business. A 2015 study revealed that companies with high racial and ethnic diversity among their employees outperformed their counterpart companies by 35%. But high performance rates shouldn’t be the only reason you should expand your team to include more diverse staff members it’s simply just the right thing to do. Having a diverse workforce means having a wider range of opinions, voices, and understanding of other communities your business should appeal to. By implementing these services, not only will you increase your team, but you will have a broader understanding of why it’s important to be inclusive, and how to handle harassment in the workplace.

Where can I access it?

You don’t have to go anywhere for these services because BrandEQ will come to you! Our team of experts are able to travel to your workplace to provide you with the valuable resources that come along with all our diversity services. Reach out to a team member at BrandEQ for more information on how to access these services and bring us to you!

The value of these services

BrandEQ’s diversity services are not only incredibly important, but are incredibly valuable in the long run. There are few institutions that provide both indepth research into leadership staff to acknowledge possible inconsistencies, as well as resources and training to solve the issue. According to Harvard Business Review, Companies with “two-dimensional” diversity are 45% more likely to report that they had captured a larger portion of the market and 70% more likely to have entered into a new market in the past year. Hands-on diversity training reduces workplace harassment and improves recruitment efforts and can be an eye-opening experience for staff.


Equity and Anti-Racism
Our diversity services will focus on the persistent practice of challenging racism and promoting fairness and equality in the workplace.
Systemic Racism
BrandEQ will cover the interconnecting network of systems that has been designed over the years to keep BIPOC at the bottom. We will touch on how institutions such as housing, health care, political power and employment have implemented racist policies and how to challenge these systems in the workplace.
Inclusion and Diversity
We will discuss how inclusion and diversity can foster a more creative and productive work environment. BrandEQ will cover how acknowledging differences and using individualized qualities that a wide scope of employees can bring to the table is highly beneficial.
Overcoming Adversity
Confronting racism or sexism in the workplace is one thing; but bouncing back from it is another. BrandEQ will provide resources and discuss how to overcome barriers put in front of racialized employees, as well as how to prevent putting them there in the first place as a respectful employer.
Cultural Appropriation
BrandEQ will explore how cultural appropriation, in and outside of the workplace is inherently problematic and innppropriate. BrandEQ will cover the issues that come along with borrowing elements of a minority culture and making it their own.
Microaggressions and Gaslighting
Microaggressions and gaslighting are two recurring occurrences in the office that some may not even notice. BrandEQ will address how comments based out of implicit bias that may seem minimal such as “when I see you, I don’t see colour,” or “you don’t have to make everything about race,” can actually foster a hostile and unwelcoming work environment.


Members of BrandEQ will visit your workplace to lead lively conversations about race and equity as well as educate staff about the importance of an anti-racist and inclusive work environment.
Part of BrandEQ’s diversity services include workshops that aim to develop inclusivity and increase engagement in conversations about race. Led by BrandEQ members, the workshops will also provide an open space for questions and feedback.
Racial Sensitivity Training
BrandEQ’s sensitivity training will act as a way to make employees more aware of their implicit bias, microaggressions and behaviour at work. The goal is for participating members to feel more sympathetic towards each other and closely observe the dynamics of group interactions.
Sustainable Inclusion Policies and KPI's
After conducting research on companies staffing teams and hiring history, BrandEQ will be able to help companies create and adjust individualized inclusive policy plans to ensure that they are maintaining a safe work environment for all.
Grant Writing
Grant writing can be difficult for businesses in a rush. That’s where BrandEQ comes in. Through our diversity services, we can provide grant writing to ensure that your team gets the funding that it deserves.
Diversity and Inclusion Auditing
Diversity and inclusion auditing is an important part of holding businesses accountable for keeping their team of professionals diverse and inclusive. BrandEQ aims to provide an equal hiring opportunity for everyone, and this service will continue to ensure just that.

Diversity Influencers

“Your demographic diversity informs your experiential diversity, but there is a third bucket that people don’t talk about frequently, and that’s cognitive diversity. The part that is critical to support the diversity that you’re bringing in through your recruiting processes is actually the inclusion part. When people talk about diversity and inclusion initiatives, they go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other,”

Katelin Holloway

CHRO Reddit
“Diversity and inclusion means everyone is at the table. If you are at a table or in the room and it does not look like the UN we must bring in the people not represented. We have to be intentional about diversity and inclusion.”

Nadine Spencer

CEO, President, Black Business & Professional Association
“Learning is ongoing. The D&I field, taxonomy, approaches, and high stakes consequences of faux pas statements and actions are happening every moment and every day. The D&I leader should be all up in the mix with their finger on the pulse,”

Aiko Bethea

Head of D&I At the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
“Help leaders get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an answer. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a solution. If you share the data people will come to you with solutions. It helps everyone learn, it helps everyone get better.”

Leslie Miley

CTO, Obama Foundation