As the end of the month nears, it’s commonplace to expect new magazine covers to be announced. So far, we’ve got Tracee Ellis Ross covering Health, Solange fronting Bust, and now, a diversity issue courtesy of Allure. Models Dilone, Aamito Lagum and Imaan Hammam serve as cover girls for Allure’s April issue, of which the focus is diverse beauty. Inside, the title surveyed 41 women about their personal experiences with beauty standards — every experience is as unique as the woman delivering their truth.

Black girl magic gets a major moment.

The 41 women featured have diverse backgrounds that range from dermatologists to actresses, to activists. By allowing these women to share their stories — all women gave quotes — Allure nails the point of a diversity issue. This should be a lesson for other publications to follow.

Vogue’s recent diversity issue, however, was on the other side of the spectrum. Its cover featured seven women, three of whom are white. Though the issue was meant to be a celebration of diversity, a good idea in theory, the publication faced controversy when they had Karlie Kloss pose in yellow-face in a geisha-inspired editorial. Not a good look.

Lainey Sidell, “Allure Puts 3 Black Models on the Cover to Celebrate Their Diversity.” (April 2017)